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This course is destinate for all levels..with 1 instructor only for you..where you can learn with confidence and progression.. (we use bb talking radio helmet comunication)

This course is destinity for all levels.

If you are a beginner and want to learn kitesurf with an instructor for yourself is the ideal course, you'll quickly learn with continuous supervision to the instructor  identify your level and adapt it to your needs.

If you did a kitesurfing course and need to do a quick review, you can make as many private lessons that need with an instructor who will answer all your questions and will clarify your doubts.!!!PORTUGAL/ALGARVE KITESURFING


  • Private lesson means 1 instructor with 1 student

  • You may book more hours than what is available in our packages.

  • We teach with radios to ensure efficiency during the lessons

  • We teach in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese

  • You need to bring a bathing suit to wear underneath the wetsuit, a towel, some water, some sunscreen and a pair of sunglasses - we provide everything else

  • The duration of each lesson varies between 2 and 3 hours depending on the weather conditions

  • We recommend one lesson per day as it gets tiring and we need you focused to learn efficiently - however this can be discussed as it depends on your own physical ability

  • We set the time of your lesson the day before accordingly with the latest update of the wind forecast - you will get a notification

  • It all depends on the wind so we all have to be fairly flexible

  • Please arrive minimum 15min in advance

All equipment included..

This course can reach maximum 1 student per instructor.
THIS COURSE USES BB talkin radio helmet comunication
  • 1day / 3hrs -225€

       2days  / 6hrs - 375€

  • 3 days/ 9hrs -500€