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the official certified IKO/IWO and international federated Kitesurf and Wingfoil School in Lagos!! certification its allways fundamental, obligatory and included on your kitesurf lessons/kitesurf courses at any Level!! thats make sure your Kitesurf and Wingfoil School is official, legal, and certified.. simply with professionals and certified instructors to teach you in safety and get your independence confidence and certification.. Reg nrs: 56170/2021 IKO-FPV 56170/110262


 soon as your course or classes at any level is over you will receive a certificate of the IKO and FPV, this certification recognizes arround world the level reached in the course and allows the rental of material when do you have INDEPENDENT level 3N in any centers, schools, stores and IKO affiliates.And allows to make your won kite international insurance.. and much more!!

only with certified y federated kitesurf schools