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Equipment rental is one of our services that we have for you!
The interest of the LagosKiteClub is always to satisfy the client in their demands, for that reason our hirings are practical and effective We have large range of kites and boards 2023 of equipment For you like the best brands of the market like NORTHKITEBOARDING/MYSTIC Y AIRUSHKITEBOARDING/SOORUZ The equipment is reviewed every day. The right choice of material is very important to the level of each customer as well about weather conditions. In order to be able to rent any type of material of Kitesurf the client has to now how to ride on level independent/advanced and  possess the card IKO level 3N

To rent equipment you have to be an independent/advanced kiteboarder ! The following skills are required :

  • Self launching and self landing the kite

  • Riding upwind in both direction

  • Understand the use of safety systems

  • Understand the rules for navigation and international signs

  • Controlling the riding speed

  • Self rescue in deep water

These should make sense to you if you are an independent and responsible kitesurfer.



Its allways our pleasure to offer you a service of rental Kitesurf equipment
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