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Before you sign up and start a course, see how our KITESURF & WINGFOIL SCHOOL works.

1- Prerequisites required by the student to conduct classes or course:

-swim peacefully in the sea;

-be healthy physically and psychologically;

-Have the will and motivation to learn a new sport


2-       Contraindications to practice KiteSurf:

-If the student has restrictions, must use appropriate contacts in the water;

-the student must not have health problems that can put your life at risk, directly/indirectly during classes. If you must communicate these problems to the instructor, so that you have a pre-approval for your inscription.


3-       Duration of lessons:

-the full course can be held from 3 to 8 days, however should you feel the need to have more classes than the stipulated, you can make them, showing your will to the instructor.

-classes or kitesurfing courses lasts for 2 to 3 hours, and may be variable, depending on the physical condition of the student, or climatericas conditions, including Assembly and disassembly of equipment.


4-       Private and Group Lessons:

-classes can be private (1 person for an instructor), or in groups of 4 persons maximum with 2 kites on the air.

-the semi private  courses has a maximum 2 persons per instructor with 2 kite on the air

Which package for you?

Based on our proven international experience we recommend the following:

  • 12h to 15h: For the complete beginners with no previous board sports experience as you will have to learn how to fly the kite and how to ride the kitesurf board

  • 6h to 9h: Could suit the ones who have some previous board sports experience like wakeboarding, snowboarding, surfing or windsurfing as you might be able to learn how to ride the kitesurf board a little faster then the others

  • Less than 6h: The way to go if you are looking at improving or refreshing some acquired skills such as learning how to jump, how to turn, doing some new tricks or if you just want to discover the basics of kitesurfing

5-       Marking of classes:

-every class can be marked at by: email, telephone, or through our website.

-For weather reasons, there may be cancellation of bookings, however, the same will be re-scheduled

-the paymentof the course/classes is not refoundable with the student having one year to finish the same.

-When starting a course / class due to weather conditions will always be taxed by the school to moving for the kitesurf spots,1 hour of course / class


6-       Cancellation policy

-Should the student be punctual. Tolerance is of 30 minutes, otherwise the class will be canceled.

-In case of cancellation, there will be no way to refund payment.


7-        Our kiteboarding school and center are located in Meia Praia in Lagos and Alvor lagoon , there may be changes due to weather and sea/tides/swell.

With our rescue boats we dont have any type of problem for your lesons at any time..


8-       Validity of the courses:

-If the student wishes to schedule course/class, without specific date to the same frequency, have the course/class the validity of one year after the payment, and the student within that period, schedule with the school the date intended, and according to the availability of this.


9-       Use of equipment:

-the material should be handled prudently and with zeal. If the instructor note anomaly in the handling of the material, you can take the course/class as resolved, without any refund of the payment made and blaming the student for payment of the material/equipment damaged.


10-   The liability insurance is included in the price of the course/class, being required that the application is duly completed by the student.


11-   Payment:

-the methods of payment available are:cash


12-insurances / licensing & responsability



When attending our school  it's a premium federated certified and licensed Kitesurf & Wingfoil School!!where you are safe and licensing unlike other schools arround

we own 3 insurances for you:civil responsability/personal accidents/sports accidents.

we own of all necessary licensing:capitain/turism of portugal/portuguese federation of sailing/ipdj/Iko 

we own certification of internationalkiteboading organization/federation Portuguese of sailing and we certificate you.

we own international paramedic course y international first aids. 

we own helmets impact vests shoes for your protection.